cdn 3043 -k8凯发

cdn 3043

three phase coupling/decoupling network series

  • compliant with iec 61000-4-4 & 5
  • universal teminals- no special plugs required
  • safety hv plugs and terminals
  • manual/programmable eut power on/off control
  • short term overstress capability


the cdn 3043 series are three phase coupling/decoupling networks designed to offer best price performance for use as extension to nsg 3040 multifunction generator series.

various models are available in order to cover anyone’s need for best budget. however, all models feature high level of user comfort and common safety functions.

dedicated eut terminals allow direct and easy eut connection, no specific adapter plugs are required. a safety isolated terminal key is part of the delivery.

eut power on and off can be controlled manually from the nsg 3040 front panel, as well as automatically from win 3000 software. eut power will also switch off automatically in case of overload.

high value shielded high voltage safety plugs are used to interconnect the high voltage pulse output from nsg 3040 multifunction generator to cdn input.


eut vac line to line:

up to 480 vac rms, 50/60 hz

eut vac line to neutral/ground:

up to 280 vac rms, 50/60 hz

eut vdc max:
dc current range:
ac current range:

225 vdc
up to 125 vdc – full current range/up to 225 vdc – max. 7 a
32 a continous/45 a for ca. 30 min.

burst voltage

up to 4800 v

surge voltage

up to 4400 v


screw terminals, rated for 32 a


449 x 310 x 565 mm


40 kg approx.