nsg 5071 -k8凯发

nsg 5071

inducitive switch transient test circuit

  • designed in accordance to ford standard emc-cs-2009
  • transients disturbances ci 220 a and c pulses
  • ci 260 waveform f
  • user replaceable relays


the nsg 5071 is designed exactly in accordance with emc-cs-2009.1 for test ci 220 pulses a1, a2-1, a2-2, c1, c2 and ri 130 using an inductive/relay transient generator test circuit. the nsg 5071 also features the ci 260 waveform f in this test circuit which uses the same type of relay. this test circuit is defined in annex f for the a, c pulses and ri 130 and figure 19-10 for ci 260 waveform f.

the basic philosophy of this test circuit is better reproducibility of actual switching transients. the reproducibility of this test circuit comes not from the output characteristics as in traditional conducted automotive immunity tests, but from a fixed design of the generator using several pre-defined components. many of these components are defined in the standard as “critical” with no substitutions allowed. these components are used as required in the standard.


critical components used 
(as definied by the standard)

potter and brumfield kup-14a15-12
5 μh osborn transformer pn 8745
100 mh osborn transformer pn 32416

dc current

10 a with supplied relay
up to 30 a with user-installed relay

dc voltage

15 v