fsh 手持式频谱分析仪 -k8凯发

fsh 手持式频谱分析仪
fsh 手持式频谱分析仪


  • 9 khz 至 20 ghz

  • 出色的灵敏度,使用前置放大器时 < –161 dbm (1 hz)

  • 一体化分析仪:频谱分析仪、网络分析仪和 cat

  • 内部跟踪源、vswr 电桥、偏置器

  • 采用坚固耐用的防水外壳,适用于现场应用


emi diagnostics in the lab or in service

the r&s?fsh handheld spectrum analyzer has all the essential functions for indoor and outdoor applications:

installation and maintenance of transmitter stations

analysis of transmit signals (lte, nb-iot, td-scdma, wcdma, cdma, gsm, etc.)

channel power and spurious emission measurements

cable and antenna measurements

scalar or vector network analysis

interference analysis

field strength measurements


r&s fsh 手持式频谱分析仪提供多种型号。这款一体化分析仪具备内置跟踪源、vswr 电桥和偏置器。无需使用多台分析仪以进行现场测量。


despite its small form factor, the r&s?fsh handheld spectrum analyzer has excellent sensitivity and third order intercept characteristic. the analyzer therefore has a good dynamic range to handle both low-power and high-power signals.

danl (rbw = 1 hz, normalized) with preamplifier, 8 ghz to 13.6 ghz: –162 dbm typ.

toi (ip3), 300 mhz to 3.6 ghz: 15 dbm typ.


是否要在有限时间内完成现场任务?可以在前往现场之前,使用 r&s instrumentview 软件预先定义测量参数和步骤。这有助于节省时间并减少现场出现的人为错误。